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Savinelli Autograph "Freestyle", #74


This is a newer line of Savinelli autographs. The Freestyle Autograph pipes have the same characteristics of the Autograph, but their shapes are more modern and individual.


They are most commonly produced with partial sandblasts but are also available in a ‘Panel’ or totally sandblasted finishes and they don’t have a specific grading system.


This particular Autograph Freestyle is a really interesting shape that doesn't look like it would be a sitter, but it is!  This pipe is mosly smooth and natural in color, with a couple accents of a nicely done dark sandblast.


The squares on the grid in the photos provided measure 1'' by 1", and a golf ball is shown for scale.


Dimensions are as follows;


Bowl Diameter: 1 5/8"


Chamber Diameter: 15/16" Slightly Tapered


Bowl Height: 2 5/8"


Weight: 70 Grams


Length: 5 3/4"

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